How to Use World’s Best Top 5 Blazer Ideas for Mens

Before we take a look at our list it’s always good to have an idea of the kind of situation you’ll be wearing the blazer in. They can seem like the perfect smart choice but they’re also ideal for any kind of casual look. Wearing it on top of a T-Shirt and shirt has to be one of the easiest ways to keep your look relaxed. Casual blazer is looking nice at everywhere. Lighter colours are also a good idea, especially when worn alongside a pair of jeans. Take a look at the outfit below to see how to do it right. Blazers are very famous in the world. Blazers are suited to everyone personality and everyplace. The Blazers are much different in types, design, and colours. The Blazers are suited to any type of jeans, formal pant, and casual pant. You can try a blazer with any types of dress, like Shirt with Tie, t-shirts, round neck, and also V neck. The blazer is a look like a jacket resembling a suit jacket but cut more casually. A blazer is generally distinguished from a sports coat as a more formal garment and tailored from solid colour fabrics. Blazers often have naval-style metal buttons to reflect their origins as jackets worn by boating club members. Blazer is used everywhere like Partys, marriage, reception, wedding. The best Party wear blazers design for mens.

Getting the Right Fit

It’s arguably the most important part of menswear. You can spend a ridiculous amount on getting the best blazer known to man if it doesn’t fit right then you might as well have not bothered. To avoid wasting your time and money, you have to make sure it fits right. check out our video to get an idea of how it’s done


A slim-fitting, single-breasted blazer is without a doubt a timeless piece. If you’re going smarter up top then it’s best worn with matching suit trousers and a formal shoe. This makes it the ideal choice for a job with a strict dress code, or formal parties and dinners. This is probably the easiest way to match a blazer to your outfit as you don’t have to worry about colours clashing.

If mistakenly paired with jeans, this blazer can go straight from “slick and smart” to “drunk dad at a wedding” in record time. The style is widely available in classic navy, grey and black, making it a safe option. So if you’re not feeling too adventurous, or you just want a piece that will last the test of time, then the classic style is your best bet.

How to try it

Getting hold of the blazer can be simple, it’s easy to spot something that’s smart enough for a formal outfit. As for trousers, you can pick up a pair from whatever brand takes your fancy, as long as you stick with the same colour. If you try and mix things up then you will end up with a bizarrely clashing outfit. Want to keep things really classic? Opt for a crisp shirt, or try adding a slight twist to your outfit with a roll-neck jumper – an equally smart alternative. Simple Blazer is looking nice and awesome everywhere. The simple cotton Blazer man is widely select as it works for both casual and official look. The Simple Balzer is suited to everyone. The Black colour is always best and favourite to colour in the simple blazer and any other blazer. The simple blazer is looking best at everywhere on everyone. The simple blazer is looking nice on every person’s personality the classic blazer is increasing your smartness. The simple blazer is used in the hole in the world.

velvet blazer

The Velvet blazer is looking very nice on any person. The velvet blazers are looking something trendy for the official event and new look. In which printed design and Pocket square are very popular in all the world. To keep things simple you can stick to a neutral pair of blue jeans and formal pant, and match your blazer with a simple white shirt. However, if your blazer is in a bright or light colour you can achieve a summery vibe by pairing it with straight leg or skinny white jeans.

Because of the standout look of a coloured blazer, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral and simple, or at least in the same tone so there’s not a huge amount of contrast. In  Velvet blazer, the blue, black, red, and grey colour is very famous. The Velvet blazer is shining in nights light so maximum people are used the blazer in the day and night also. The Blazer is made blue patch design, it gives a lovely look. The  Velvet blazer is also suited with jeans, formal pant, and casual pant. You can be used is like your wish everything is looking awesome with the Velvet blazer. Some special tricks to Velvet blazer are:-

  • When matching your blazer with jeans, keep your jeans slim fit and tapered.
  • Avoid stone washes or distressed jeans, and go for darker, formal denim.
  • Keep the colour contrast between your blazer and jeans subtle.
  • Make sure the length reaches a few inches past your hip bone to reduce gathering.

Casual Blazer

The Casual Blazer and partywear Blazer both are same. The Casual Blazer is not only used in the party its also many other places. The Casual  Blazer is the very stylish and cool blazer. The casual blazer and party wear blazer is special design for men. So most people have selected the blazer for special occasions like Wedding and related parties, and receptions. The casual blazer with jeans combination is looking nice. The Casual Blazer is made from silk, its given shining effect is looking nice in day or night both times. In the partywear, Blazer is also given black strip on pockets and collar for the lovely look. The partywear Blazer is suited with formal and casual pant. The Bow is like part of the partywear Blazer without Bow is not looking very well. The Partywear blazer is also many different types and suits everyone personality.

Checked Blazer

If a classic look is a tad on the boring side for you, then a checked blazer might be more up your street. They are a little more on the daring side, but that doesn’t mean they’re difficult to style. If you choose a matching pair of checked suit trousers and keep your shirt and shoes simple, then you can easily pull off this look.

How to Style it

If you decide that going checked for the top and bottom half is a little too adventurous, a pair of slim fitting jeans is a good way to ensure that your outfit can be worn to a few more relaxed social events. A good-fitting white Oxford shirt will stop your outfit from leaning too heavily towards the casual side of smart-casual, and won’t clash with your blazer.

As for shoes, a pair of Dr Martens is a durable and practical option that will add a little edge to your look. Take a look at the outfit below to see how it can work in a casual setting. A pair of selvedge denim jeans will compliment some lighter coloured suede shoes. Bringing the whole look together is the checked blazer. Opting for a design in blue is a great way choice as it won’t draw too much attention to one part of your outfit.

Printed Blazer

Patterns are a good in-between option. If the classic blazer style is a little too smart for you, but checks are slightly intimidating, then opting for the pattern is a more versatile option that can be dressed up or down. An ideal choice for both formal and relaxed events. If you team it with a shirt and tie, then a patterned blazer can bring a contemporary edge to your formal wear.whilst keeping it appropriate for smart situations. Dressing it down means that it can be worn on a daily basis, whether you’re running errands or catching up with friends. The printed blazer is very famous in the world. In this last year’s everyone love the printed blazer. The printed blazer looking very funky and very different design from any other blazer.

How to Style it

In order to pull off a more casual look whilst wearing a blazer, you can still go for a collared shirt. A pair of chino shorts will also help knock your outfit’s formality down a few notches, whilst a pair of suede loafers will inject some serious Summer style into your look. It’s important that if you so decide on a patterned top half, avoid bright shirts or equally exciting ties. Pair it with plain colours or your outfit will have too much going on – it won’t look good.

Take a look at the outfit below to see how simple it is to go for patterns. Styling it with a plain white shirt and some dark chinos avoids the risk of wearing too much in your face fabric. Throw a pair of sunglasses into the outfit and you’ve got a smart casual outfit that can work all throughout the year. Notice how his jacket is falling just above his hand with a small amount of shirt poking through, that’s when you know the jacket fits well.

Finishing Touches

The more obvious way to customise is adding in some accessories. Watches, sunglasses, chains, and pocket squares all guaranteed to spruce up any look (not all at once, though). However, If you’re unsure of what to add to your look, maybe stick with something simple such as an all gold or leather watch. Lastly, don’t forget to smell great. For the season our Editors favourite Laboratory Perfumes. Available in the must-have Amber and Samphire, this sure to impress.


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