The Best Way to Going for Wedding for Everytime

The wedding is very important for everyone. In the wedding, all are looking very different from each other, and in the wedding different – different types of people are coming. In any wedding, all are trying to look good, simple and nice, and everyone has a different style.

At the wedding, the most important are your Dress sense, your Hair style, and your personality. Because in the wedding many of many relatives are coming. When you go to any wedding you always think, I look nice and good.

Your Dressing Sense

If you go any wedding in which most important is is your dressing sense. So your try Formal Dress, Casual Dress, Business Casual and normal dress. The Four Dress is most important for everyone because the dress is looking simple, nice, cool and good. For Example= Shirt, pant,  Formal Dress, Casual Dress, Business Casual.

Formal Dress

The formal dress is looking very simple and nice. The Formal Dress is suited, for everyone. Maximum people are choosing the formal dress because you can go some special place like Office and other places.

The proper formal dress is looking some different from everyone and where place. The formal dress is Wear a 2 piece suit, Wear dress shoes and dress pants, and If accessible, a tie should be worn. without the tie is also looking good.

Casual Dress

When you hear the word casual, most guys immediately think “jeans and t-shirts” This is not true casual dress meaning are Shirt-Pant with Tie and common shoes. The Casual dress code that emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation, formality, and conformity.

The Casual dress is very common and looking nice and good. In the casual dress, all are looking simple and suit on everyone. You go anywhere with this casual dress.  More simply, “casual” can be defined as something relaxed, occasional, not planned, or informal.

Business Casual

The Business casual is also very important for every person. The Business casual is used in the different place like office, and some other important place. The Business casual dress code is that has been adopted by many professional and Formalpant with white shirt and tie.

Wear a long-sleeved button-down dress shirt (any color) tucked into pants, Wear a tie (done up tight), Wear slacks or dress pants, belt and a pair of dress shoes, and  A blazer/sports jacket is optional they all are looking nice always and every time.

Normal Dress 

In normal dress included simple dress, like Shirt pant, Jeans with T- Shirt. The dress is seen as very important because the dress is used everywhere and anytime like Office, wedding, Parties, and some other places.

The pair of shirt pant, and Jeans with T- Shirt. Is the part of a human life because without the dress a man has never complete. The pair of the dress is always looking nice and good.

Pant and shirt are very historical dress but very important role play in our life. The dress is looking always good, simple and nice. The suits everyone. In every year they update the pant and shirts style and always looking cool and nice.

Hair Style

The hairstyle is very important for everyone. Everyone has the choice different hairstyle and according to his face shape and different event. Everyone face has suit different hairstyle and everyone choice different hairstyle.

When your hair style is looking good so you are also looking good and nice. The good hair style is increasing your personality.


The shoes are very important for everyone and the shoes are part of our life you never go out without shoes because shoes are part of you Dress code. Every different dress has suit different shoe pair.

The shoes are different- different in types like running shoe, Formal shoe, and Casual shoe. They all are looking best everytime and everywhere.

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