Place According suited Pant and Shirts to your Personality

Pant and Shirts are many different types and, we all are used every different pair at the different place. Every different color is used at the different place. When you go in Interview, Party, Formalwear, Dharmik place, and some other places.

When you go for Interview so you have the simple and decent look so you take simple dress like Pant shirt with tie and Blazer. You go in party and wedding so you want some different and simple look so everyone uses pant and shirt.

Everyone go dharmik place in dress first option is pant shirt and kurta pajama. Pant and shirt are the first and best choice of the person and everyone. The pant and shirts are the unisex dress. Pant and shirt are suited to everyone.

Interview Dress

Interview Dresses are very simple and look very nice and good. The Interview dress in which the Pant, shirt, tie, shoe, and with the blazer, or other simple dress is pant and shirt is also looking good and awesome.

Best 6 color of Pant at any Interview are looking nice and suit mainly in the interview are :-Black Pant, Cream Pant, Gray Pant, Blue Trouser, Khaki Chinos, and White Pant. The all color pant is looking very nice and good.

The top 5 popular shirts color for the interview and go anywhere and looking also very simple and nice. Suited to everyone personality:- White, Black, Grey, Red, and Blue. You are maximum time see the people are in the colors of pant and shirt.

Formal Wear

Formal wear and formal dress wear are general terms for clothing suitable for formal social events, such as a wedding, formal garden party or dinner.  When someone going in wedding, formal garden party or dinner so also used formal wear like a pant, shirts with the blazer.

In Formal Wear best color in pant and shirts. The colors are always like on everyone. The 6 color is always seen in parties and marriage formal Dress are:-Black Pant, Cream Pant, Gray Pant, Blue Trouser, RockRed, and White Pant.

The 6 colors of shirts are always seen in party and marriages. The 6 is color is suited for everyone and looking very nice and awesome. The color is looking nice in parties and wedding.

The six-color are:- White, Green, Grey, Red, and Blue. The 6 color also seen in parties and wedding and looking very nice and simple everyone tries this colors.

Dharmik place

In Dharmik places are used only two types dress (i) Kurta and pajama (ii) Normal pant and shirt. In Dharmik places, maximum used light color dress. Because the light color (white, crime color) dress is looking nice and good and suit in Dharmik place.

The light color is looking nice and simple. The light color is the suit on everyone and everywhere. The color of the shirt looked best always is:-Cream, White, Sky Blue aways suit on Dharmik place.

Many of many types of pant and shirts but in this article share Best color of pant and shirts. Dress suited according to place. and suited to your personality.


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