Best Dress Suggestions for Weddings

In our daily life, we meet many people like friends, colleagues and business partners. We go to many places every day and we all want to look good with generous personality especially in wedding receptions or at any special occasion we go. Because we all want to look our personality impressive all the same. So today I’m going to share some tips on how to look good in weddings. Dresses that suit most people for the occasion of Wedding are listed here and I’m sure you will get great ideas for your outfits you are going to wear on next wedding.

Different Age Group Have Different Dressing Sense

This is most important for you, dress suiting on you. Like going office, visit any place. And most important different age group people have different dressing sense. Baby, young, Adult all have different dressing sense. Most important for middle age group people. Because this groups Boys and Girls are so fashionable. They always want to look fashionable and stylish.  For Babies have simple, soft and light cloth. Adult people generally likes to wear simple dresses, but some Adult celebrities are very fashionable like all actors and actresses.


Suits are most important for everyone because the suit is very important to going wedding, reception, and party. The suit is two types Casual Suit and Business suit. Choosing a business or casual suit will depend on your profession and the event you are dressing for.

– Casual suit

For a casual suit, you are going to choose light color attire on us such as blue, pink and etc. Suit are meant for a more professional environment. In many informal environments like weddings or receptions. We think it does give us more of the professional look with the suiting us.  All are attention for you. They are most famous casual suit for wedding and reception are Tuxedo, Pocket square. Tuxedo suit is most common and cost. They can easy to found any showroom.

– Tuxedo Suit

There are a surprising number of choices to make when picking a classic suit. Tuxedo suit is most common and renewable cost. In which two types single-breasted and double-breasted. Single-breasted (with a one- to four-button front) and Double-breasted  (with a two- to six-button front). There are three types of lapels: peaked, notched, or shawl.

Pocket square  

The pocket square suit is beautiful in looking for a person personality. The Pocket square is most used for wedding and receptions. Everyone one has the different style to fold his pocket. Nine types of folding your square pocket.  Important of the pocket square suit is, Looking simple and styles and you can take any showroom it’s not expensive.


The Sherwani is a long coat-like garment worn. Sherwani is not new in the world and sherwani is most popular and traditionally dress for the wedding occasion in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Sherwani is simple and suits on literally everyone. First-time sherwani got in India in 18th century.

Shirt Pant 

Pants and shirts are the simple and most common dress code in our country. Pant and shirt got started in Hungary in the 15th century. A good Pant and decent Shirt is always an option to go to any occasion like party, wedding reception or any kind of happening event. Pant and shirt are generally categorized into two main types i.e. Formal and Casual pant-shirt.

Casual Pant and Shirt

Casual pant and shirt are mostly weared on weddings and receptions because they are a kind of shining and specific dress. If you use Casual pant and shirt then you may better sense of dressing about your body because we don’t know which color dress perfectly suits on us. Unique color like DARK PANT and LIGHT SHIRT are most popular pair in general. Black pant and white shirt, Blue pant and also the white shirt, Brown pant and blue shirt, white pant and sky blue shirt always look great together.


Shoes are one of the most important factors for your personality. Without shoes, your dress is never complete. You have to select your shoe according to your dress color combination. Different dress suit different shoes so you better have a Lil sense of this thing as well. Like Sherwani suits with Punjabi jutti and Casual dress always looks better with leather shoes.

So guys, we shared some of the best Wedding dress suggestions with you. I really hope that it will help you to select the best pair of dress for your next wedding or reception party. If you have to say anything to us or you want to ask something please comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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